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Reel Snippet – Sextuplets

Six times the normal Marlon.

Summary: Alan (Marlon Wayans) and Marie (Bresha Webb) are about to have their baby and they want the birth to go smoothly. The problem is that they only have half the information they need: Alan’s family history is practically nonexistent because he’s been in the foster system since he was born. After a lot of digging, he finds the address of his birth mother and finds not only his brother Russell (Marlon Wayans), but evidence that they’re two of six identical siblings. Thus begins a zany road trip to reconnect with all the siblings and make it home before the baby comes.

Review: Sextuplets almost put me to sleep for how uninteresting it was. I’m not kidding, I was actually nodding off during the movie, though I still managed to get the gist of it. Granted, that’s an hour and a half of my life that I’m not going to get back — I don’t know who pitched the idea that Marlon Wayans pulling an Eddie Murphy from The Nutty Professor would be hilarious, but that person needs to be fired because Marlon Wayans is no Eddie Murphy.

The two most unbearable characters have to be Russell and Alan’s boss Linda (Molly Shannon). Russell is just a gross, unpleasant human being whose “humor” stems from stereotypes about shut-ins. And Molly Shannon… oof. I’ve heard that she can be funny, especially from her SNL days, but I wouldn’t know it by looking here because she is so freaking obnoxious, it’s unbearable.

What I take away from this is that Netflix films fall into three categories: vehicles for lesser known actors, a testing ground for brilliant ideas, and a dumping ground for flicks that no studio would touch on their worst day. This definitely falls into the latter category. It’s dumb, humorless, completely predictable, and just an overall waste of your time. Do yourself a favor and watch literally anything else.

Okay, maybe not Bright. That’s where I’d draw the line.

Fun Tidbit: One scene involve a bull pursuing Alan and Russell because they drive a red car, referencing how they charge at a matador’s red cape. This joke is based on a misconception that the color red enrages a bull when in reality, bulls are colorblind to the color red and more likely charge at the cape because of its movement pattern.

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