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Scribbles of 2-19-16

You know the drill, everyone. It’s Friday, so you get to look at fragments of my hurricane of a mind. Apparently, I had a bit of Mouse Guard on the brain this week.

Described the last time you laughed so hard that you cried.
Turtle love
Down the rabbit hole.


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Scribbles of 2-12-16

Wait, is it…

Could it be? After all this time? Are they finally back?

It’s Scribbles!!!!

The last piece of the pie
“I have something to tell you…”


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Scribbles and What’s On My Mind on 1-22-16

Wow, it’s been a week of silence before yesterday, hasn’t it? I’m sure some of you would like more details, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline. A lot of things that have been going on are personal and I’d rather keep that private. Suffice to say, there has been a severe upheaval in my life (don’t worry, no one’s dead) and it’s taking me a bit to put things back together. I’d just like to thank you all for being so patient with me after a few unexplained hiatuses.

Being self-regulated is not an easy thing, so when something takes the wind out of your sails, it’s really hard to pick your momentum back up again. In fact, I’ve had so much experience with it that I want to be able to impart it onto others. I want to try hosting panels and talks at conventions and seminars to help other budding creators who face the struggles of being self-employed. If I could find some way to pay it forward and help someone succeed, even if I don’t, then my life will be a happy one.

Now, to business. My Worst Movies of 2015 list is awaiting edits and should be posted in the next few days. And for the daily business, some good ol’ Scribbles.

They found his diary under his bed
In a paragraph, describe the setting for a love scene.
Write about running away from something or someone


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Scribbles of 12-18-15… and more

Happy first day of Star Wars, everyone! Oh yeah, and it’s a week until Christmas, so that’s fun too. Wish I could say I had some Star Wars Scribbles for you today, but let’s have some winter themed ones instead. One talks of cold winters past, the other of modern wet winters (basically, Californian winters), and one of simple good cheer. Enjoy.

The whole family had been cursed since…
He didn’t want to go out on such a night, but…
He was excited to find 150 new emails in his inbox.

But… since I missed out on my duties yesterday, let today also be about the new Classic Snippet. I know I said I was going to post this yesterday, but honestly, I chickened out because I didn’t want the post to be washed over by the inevitable tide of Star Wars posts on social media. Now, however, I’m ready to dive into Studio Ghibli’s latest masterpiece.

When Marnie Was There


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Scribbles of 10-12-15

Sorry for the delay. I’m celebrating two holidays at once, Christmas and Hanukkah, and I’m learning that there are certain things you’re not supposed to do after certain hours. Then again, I shouldn’t have slacked off on this in the first place. Well, better late than never, so here are my long-awaited Scribbles of a Ronin.

She clung on to the piece of driftwood, praying for daylight
I am delighted by…
What happened to 2015?


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Scribbles of 11-20-15

Well, this is garbage. I should be in LA with my family right now, but my flight decided to get delayed by four hours, so I’m stuck in the airport with nothing but the Internet. Also, I’m pretty sure the Jamba Juice and all the other restaurants just closed, so I have even less. At the very least, I’ll give you some Scribbles so I can say that I did something worthwhile with my wait. As always, enjoy.

Braise, glutton, fourteenth
The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth…
I don’t know…

Oh, and stay turned tomorrow for my third Expanded Universe article. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do any work this Thanksgiving week, but I’ll see what I can do.


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Scribbles of 11-13-15

You know the drill. It’s Friday and I’ve got a lot of bite-sized stories that I’ve just got to get off my mind. I’m trying a fun little exercise with the last one, so as always, enjoy.

Write about a white coat with a stain on it
Heaven, nuts, strawberry
Tell a sci-fi story in six words


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Scribbles of 11-6-15

It’s times for the Scribbles of a Ronin once again. Not much of a theme for this week, but it does end with an old favorite of mine that I’m surprised I haven’t shared before now. Enjoy.

“I wish I had a backup copy.”
Write about the old woman whole lives in Apartment 567.
The night was dark and so still nothing seemed real.


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Scribbles of 10-30-15

Let’s end this month the right way, with microfiction of the spooky and mysterious persuasion. Happy Halloween!

When visiting Cuba, a strange event occurs…
Designing a haunted house
Making a monster


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Scribbles of 10-23-15

All right, time for another batch of Scribbles. They’re not particularly horror themed, but not everything in October can be spooky.

Photographs shape public opinion
She thought the shields looked like giant nipples
The shine of water


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