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In the long period since I updated, the brony community lost a very dear member in June. Kiki Havivy has had a long battle with cancer for years and passed away on the 7th at the tender age of 6. As someone who donated to her treatment, I was hit very hard with this and made this in response.

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V-log – Oz the Great and Powerful

Here’s one without spoilers…

…and here’s one with spoilers. Suffice to say, Wicked is non-canon in this movie.

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V-log – Skyfall

Ronin. Cec the Ronin. Licensed to kill bad media. Which this is not.

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V-log – Paranormal Activity 4

And the radio said, “No Ronin, you are the demons.” And then Ronin became a zombie.

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V-log – The Dark Knight Rises

Nananananananana nananananananana Ronin!

This would have been up days ago, but the internet’s been screwy for me lately.

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V-log – The Hunger Games

For a movie called The Hunger Games, it definitely left me satiated.

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Old v-logs

Since I feel really bad about missing last Sunday’s deadline, here’s some oldies but goodies to make up for it.

P.S.: The Queen Anne’s Revenge! That’s the name I was looking for!!
P.P.S.: On another note, I did a bit of extra reading and it turns out that because the Caspian Sea was landlocked, Barbossa did his pirating elsewhere. But that just raises the question of why the position was created in the first place. Was some pirate really content with letting his ship splash around in that small space or did the Brethren Court make it for someone they didn’t like? Maybe one of the Pirate Lords got way too into the rum and made a complete ass of himself, so the other Pirate Lords just stuck him in the Caspian Sea and made him the locals’ problem. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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V-log: Comic Con Part 2 – Batman Year One

Comic Con gave us a sneak peak at the new DC Animated film based off of a Frank Miller classic. The big question: Will it fly?

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V-log: Comic Con Part 4 – Captain America: The First Avenger

Really? This movie opened the week of Comic Con and they didn’t organize an event for it? Talk about a missed opportunity.

P.S.: Apologies for the rambling and stumbling in this episode. I was actually pretty tired when I did this and forgot my own notes. What can I say, it was just too good to snark on.

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V-log: Comic Con Part 3 – Green Lantern, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3, and Batman: Arkham City

Now we take a look at all the upcoming stuff that could be cool. Games and Green Lanterns ahoy!

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