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Reel Snippet – Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost initially came off as a very run-of-the-mill tie-in movie to a game. Bogging it down was rather sub par animation, inconsistent characterization, and a character the was annoying at best and hazardous to his teammates at worst. However, this all changed in the end when the story took a gut-wrenching turn that lingered with me long after the movie ended and made this really feel like a Mass Effect story. From a fan’s perspective, it’s great to see the action of the games translated into full animation, but it’s also a little jarring when en effect happens that’s wildly different from the source material. The last five or ten minutes truly are gold and make up for the rest of the movie, making this a strange inversion to the original cut of Mass Effect 3. Ironic, seeing as this was supposed to promote that game. I’m not sure if I can recommend this to non-fans of the series, but fans will find a bit to love, even if they find themselves slogging through the mud and trenches to get there.

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Returning to Active Duty (And Other Announcements)

So I’ve returned from my Italy trip with plenty of new footage for an upcoming video. What is it? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see. On that note, I’ve got two announcements about the videos on the site. Firstly, Ronin’s Rants is back up and running after a week recovering from jetlag. I can’t say when the next video is going to be up, though, because I’m going the Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding. As much as I love doing these videos, family time always takes precedence.

The second is regarding the Mass Effect Let’s Play. Since they’re a lot easier to come out with and since I don’t want to flood the front page with constant Mass Effect videos, I’m going to be posting the Let’s Play episodes in bulk. You can still find the individual videos on the Videos page, but on the main thread, one post will encompass multiple Mass Effect videos. Case in point.

Mass Effect 3 – Episode 12: Hold On, We Need To Calibrate The Title
Mass Effect 3 – Episode 13: Catharsis

Till next time, fellow travelers.

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 10: Boys’ Night Out

Old friends, genocide, and fighting for your existence. Who says girls get to have all the fun?

You can find Nicole’s deviantART page here:

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 9: The One Where I Talk About The Ending So We Can Get Past It And Go Save Palevan

There, it’s out of the way. Now let’s save the damn galaxy.

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 8: Rumble in the Docks

Ladies and gentlemen, the fight you’ve all been waiting for! The great Commander Shepard versus a pasty white guy pretending to be Mexican!

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 7: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Sorry for the long delay, guys. Anyway, here’s me getting to know the ship. Exciting!

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