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Reel Snippets of 2-18-2020

Wondering where my worst and best list is? I’m waiting until I catch up with a lot of stuff that I’m really looking forward to. So let’s take advantage of that Disney+ subscription to see some of the live-action stuff I meant to catch.

Aladdin (2019)

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Reel Snippets of 2-10-2020

In my hurry and flurry, I totally forgot to post last month’s snippets. Well, here they are in one convenient package. We’ll call it the Disney 3-Pack, seeing as they all come from the House of Mouse.

Frozen 2
Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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Reel Snippets of 11-19-19

The release of Disney+ has given me a golden opportunity to catch up on stuff that I missed throughout the year. Case in point, let’s get started on this year’s live-action Disney remakes.

Dumbo (2019)

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Reel Snippets of 10-31-18

Happy Halloween!

This last month actually has been a bit of a horror show, hence getting so close to the wire. Still, a Halloween double-feature is fine by me, so enjoy the candlelight reading this All Hallow’s Eve.

Little Evil
Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

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Reel Snippets of 9-30-18

Cutting in just under the wire to bring you my first Patreon-sponsored review, the 1977 Disney film Pete’s Dragon. If you want to send some of your favorite films my way, sign up for my $50 donation tier. Until then, let’s look back on this often overlooked little charmer.

Pete’s Dragon (1977)

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Reel Snippets of 8-20-18

Why yes, I did work very hard to get this in on time. It’s been a very weary couple of weeks in House Colin, so it’s important to balance bitterness with something sweet. Well, it doesn’t get any sweeter than Winnie the Pooh.

Christopher Robin

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Reel Snippets of 7-31-18

Seeing that I’m in Disneyland right now, I think it’s appropriate that I shine a light on Pixar’s latest opus. All right, everyone, let’s start feeling Incredible.

The Incredibles 2

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Reel Snippets of 3-24-17

I really want to get back to Monday releases, but until then, here’s my latest batch. Hopefully, with the job search done with, we’ll be back on track soon.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Reel Snippets of 12-5-16

I sincerely apologize for my month-long absence. Last month was… fairly turbulent. Allow me to make up for it with double the Snippets.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them



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Reel Snippets of 4-18-16

Sorry for the delay, but all will be explained this Wednesday. In the meantime…

Welcome to the jungle
We’ve got funny bears
Apes as big as the Taj Mahal
And tigers gettin’ you scared

The Jungle Book (2016)


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