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This man deserves an award. And a Muslim blessing

Ladies and gentlemen, as many of you know, I champion for equality and fair depiction of people other than straight white males in comics. Well, we’ve finally reached a jaw dropper. Lewis Lovhaug, also known as Linkara or that guy who reviews comic books, has reached his 300th episode and as such, did a review of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror. And boy, is it a doozy.

This comic… I almost don’t want to keep thinking about it. It’s bad. Just really bad. It is a racist diatribe against Arabs and Muslims, portraying most, if not all of them as savages and terrorists. Miller’s paranoid fantasies are also brought forth in all their ugly glory as it depicts Al Qaeda as a single group as part of a nebulous organization of terror that wormed its way into our government like S.P.E.C.T.E.R. of James Bond fame. The book promotes torture, glorifies the demonization of a culture of billions, and seems proud of itself for doing it. If I discover that Frank Miller has any legitimate fans after this garbage, I may drink so much that I actually go missing for a few days.

Please, watch this three-part episode. You owe it to yourselves as thinking people to know that this kind of sentiment is very real and worse, that it’s still getting published. Mr. Lovhaug needs an award for this episode. To be able to effectively rip apart this much printed bile and come out unscathed is truly a godly feat.

The full endeavor can be found here. Be warned, it’s over an hour and a half, but it is well worth it

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