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With A Closing Door, Another Surely Opens

Wow… 2020 was one crazy year, huh?

But let’s face it, you all knew that. We’ve all lived through the same insanity with the same ups and downs. It’s given us a lot of time to reflect and that goes for me as well. I’ve thought a lot about things going forward and I’ve come to a decision: I am retiring from my Reel Snippets.

This is not a decision I’ve made lightly, but it’s one that I feel has been a long time coming. Even before work dried up from the pandemic, I’ve been struggling with them for some time. I saw both Onward and Sonic the Hedgehog before the big lockdown, but whenever I tried to write something… nothing came. Even though the writing wouldn’t go on the page, it was already on the wall — this ride was coming to an end.

Part of it might be that I grew tired of looking at movies under a critical lens. Another part might be that life is too short and I really, REALLY don’t want to spend chunks of it on Adam f***ing Sandler movies. Either way, I can’t say that I’m truly sad about it, though. Everything in life comes in peaks, valleys, and cycles, so I’m kind of at peace with that. I don’t really know why this happened. All I know is that it’s time to move on to other projects. And believe me… I have some good projects cooking.

On a similar note, I am also going to be unlaunching my Patreon for the time being. Not only is it not fair to charge people for effectively nothing, but some of my projects are going to require that I don’t get any income on them, so I need to cover my bases. Honestly, it’s not much of a hassle. I’ve already declined payments for months at a time and taking down a Patreon page doesn’t have to be permanent.

Take care, one and all. And don’t worry… I’ll be back before you know it.

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Reel Snippets of 10-24-16

Not gonna lie, October has really been disappointing me in terms of horror movies. A lot of the good stuff came out before the month began and now what’s in the cinemas? Sure, the Ouija sequel is getting good reviews, but we also have the new Madea movie and Kirk Cameron’s Revive Us, which is a different kind of horror. So for now, let’s look at something everyone finds horrifying: a remake of a beloved cult classic.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again


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Reel Snippets of 10-18-16

Apologies for the absence last week, I got caught up in some serious work. I’ll tell you all about it with this week’s On My Mind. For the moment, let’s continue October with a thriller and a mystery… and kind of a disaster.

The Girl on the Train


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Reel Snippets of 10-7-16

All right, here’s the one I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s a very odd movie, so I had to do something different. Way different. Without further ado, here’s the review that was meant for last week: a little known film that came out this year called Zoom.



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Reel Snippets of 10-6-16

Hey folks, sorry for the delay. Got a bit of a delay while working on something special. That’ll come tomorrow, but for now let’s look at Tim Burton’s latest film.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


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Reel Snippets of 9-19-16

That smell! Is that pumpkin spice in the air?
Oh yes. Oh yes. ‘Tis the season of scares.

Blair Witch


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Reel Snippets of 9-1-16

A little late, but better late than never. Now for this week’s Snippet, let’s have a pre-October horror movie.

Don’t Breathe


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Reel Snippets of 8-22-16

Sorry for the delay, everyone. Allow me to make up for it by giving you a triple feature from this week, last week, and the week before.

Kubo and the Two Strings
Sausage Party
The Little Prince

The Garden of Eyes



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Reel Snippets of 8-11-16

Apologies for the delay. Travel and technology hiccups are to blame. I was originally going to come out with two reviews this week, but this one turned out to be the longest review I’ve written to date. Don’t worry, I’ll come out with more than one review sometime in the next two weeks. Until then, here’s the next installment of the budding DC Extended Universe.

Suicide Squad


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Reel Snippets of 8-2-16

An equation day! Man, it’s been a while since I’ve brought this concept around. I don’t know if it’s caught on per say, but I personally love it. Today’s date is 8 times 2 equals 16. So let me celebrate by giving you double the Snippets.

Star Trek Beyond



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