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Recent Complications

So some of you may have noticed that my updates have been sparse as of late. There are a few reasons for this. First off, my official job is political, so the entire time leading up to the election was very busy. Now that it’s over with, I can get back to work… or I would if it weren’t for the second problem: I lost a piece of my new microphone in Italy. The new part’s on it’s way, but I don’t feel comfortable recording Ronin’s Rants without it because the acoustics are somewhat lacking. Thirdly, Thanksgiving’s almost here, which means I’ll be spending a lot of family time next week. So I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’ll be a bit before the next Ronin’s Rants. Will you guys be okay with Mass Effect in the meantime?

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Ronin’s Rants – Transformers

NOTE: This was supposed to air yesterday.

It’s time to dive into the darkness of Michael Bay, huh?

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Ronin’s Rants: High School Musical 3 (Part 2 and full)

CEC the Ronin enters the final act of this performance as he brings down the curtain on the whole bloody franchise.

And, as a bonus, here’s the High School Musical 3 review in one gigantic part.

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Ronin’s Rants: High School Musical 3 (Part 1)

It’s almost over…

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Ronin’s Rants: High School Musical 2

Once again, CEC the Ronin dives into the terrifying world that the Disney Channel thinks high school is. Does this sequel make his head hurt? Bet on it.

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Ronin’s Rants: High School Musical

Posted: January 16, 2012

CEC the Ronin sets out into the reviewing world by looking at the horror of High School Musical. Are we all in this together, united against this crap?

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