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Ronin’s Rants – Adventure Time and Regular Show

CEC the Ronin digs into some of Cartoon Network’s biggest shows… or does he!?

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Ronin’s Rants – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

CEC the Ronin’s glorious return is here! Also, he’s reviewing some obscure show about horses that people may not have heard of.

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V-log – Oz the Great and Powerful

Here’s one without spoilers…

…and here’s one with spoilers. Suffice to say, Wicked is non-canon in this movie.

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V-log – Skyfall

Ronin. Cec the Ronin. Licensed to kill bad media. Which this is not.

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Ronin’s Rants – Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Season 1)

I return with a vengeance, just in time for China to declare war on me.

NOTE: There may be an edit to this video eventually.

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 10: Boys’ Night Out

Old friends, genocide, and fighting for your existence. Who says girls get to have all the fun?

You can find Nicole’s deviantART page here:

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 9: The One Where I Talk About The Ending So We Can Get Past It And Go Save Palevan

There, it’s out of the way. Now let’s save the damn galaxy.

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 8: Rumble in the Docks

Ladies and gentlemen, the fight you’ve all been waiting for! The great Commander Shepard versus a pasty white guy pretending to be Mexican!

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CEC the Ronin Plays Mass Effect 3 – Episode 7: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Sorry for the long delay, guys. Anyway, here’s me getting to know the ship. Exciting!

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