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Reel Snippet – The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls is a movie that I’m not quite sure what all to think about, though it leaves a very memorable impression. The characters aren’t the most three-dimensional, but they’re all unique and distinctive. The plot has a very basic good versus evil thing about it, but the plot elements are executed with a lot of subtlety in the dialogue and actions. The social satire can be a bit odd, what with the upper class being obsessed with cheese rather than fixing the problems of their city, but it’s still easy to identify with. But don’t think that I’m bashing this movie, because I’m not. It’s a visual wonder, to be sure, but unlike The Book of Life, which was very grand and colorful, this film has a lot of quirks and nuances in the writing and animation that make it unique. I also have to hand it to that voice acting, because there were a number of famous people in the cast and I honestly couldn’t tell you it was them by listening. This was brought to us by Laika, the studio that gave us Coraline (which, as I said in my pre-website days, kicked ASS), and their ingenuity is felt here as well. I give this my recommendation and invite you to tune in within the next seven days when I take a gander at the final piece of the Laika trilogy that’s eluded me… ParaNorman.

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