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A Tribute to Monty Oum

It is with a heavy heart that I must once again take to my keyboard to write about a tragic loss to the online community. Monty Oum, the artist behind Haloid, Dead Fantasy, and RWBY passed away yesterday due to a severe allergic reaction during a medical procedure that took place some days prior. I am told that he died surrounded by loved ones from his family and from the offices of Rooster Teeth as well. I have never met the man, even though he and I allegedly attended the same Fanime Con together, but his loss is still felt.

Monty was a great artist, pouring a lot of passion into his work. RWBY was his foray into writing and creating a whole world and while it wasn’t always perfect, his passion for the project was still felt by many. He never resorted to unnecessary fanservice or cheesecake, treating all of his characters and creations with profound respect. Even if you’re not a fan of RWBY, you can still tell that he put a lot of thought and detail into the world in its look, its feel, and its internal mechanics. I don’t know how or if RWBY will continue without him, but the loss of such a great and devoted artist certainly makes the world at large a bleaker place.

Fate can be cruel sometimes and such a man dying at 33 because of a mere fluke definitely qualifies. But this isn’t a screed to make you paranoid, it’s a call to celebrate life. Monty Oum wasn’t one to sit back and hide from the world, he worked tirelessly day and night to make something worthwhile and give it to his community. The blood, sweat, and tears in his projects, his animation, and especially his Dance Dance Revolution moves were always felt and I will never regret experiencing any of it. Remember Monty Oum and with him, remember that a moment expressing yourself is never a moment wasted.

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