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A Warrior’s Wake

About a week ago, late on the night of April 8th, James Hellwig passed away. Hellwig was a (in)famous person in the world of wrestling under the moniker of the Ultimate Warrior, which he eventually legally changed his name to. Now I was not into wrestling, but I have seen clips of him in his persona that can only be described as bat shit insane. I have also seen clips of him as a motivation speaker, where he revealed his homophobic nature with such words of wisdom as, “Queering does not make the world work.” However, my true introduction to the halls of the mountains of madness known as the Warrior’s mind through the short-lived comic series that he wrote simply called “Warrior.” If you’re tempted to read this incomprehensible mess, don’t bother; the ever talented Linkara and Spoony have taken the liberty of looking at all four issues and verbally tearing them to pieces in the way that only internet critics can do. Consider these videos the official wake for the Ultimate Warrior.

Goodnight, sweet warrior. And thousands of jawa demons skronk thee to the Terrain of Testament. DESTRUCITY!!!!!

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