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It’s a miracle! I can walk!

So some people may have noticed via either my Twitter or my other personal feeds, I haven’t been at full for about a month. Well, it’s been a little worse than that. I was actually bedridden for about three weeks and suffering for two weeks previously before actually getting it checked out. With that said, I guess I should lay the whole thing out on the table. For the past five weeks, I have been suffering from a testicular sprain.

Testicular. Sprain.

Yeah, I’m just as befuddled as you are.

Well, okay, to be more accurate, it was fluid build-up and swelling around the tube connecting the right testicle to the rest of the body, but both the symptoms and the treatments (ice on the area, anti-inflamatories, supportive garments, not agitating it) are the same as a sprain, so I call it that for simplicity’s sake. As to how I got it, I was at the gym on the bicycle machine and as I was pulling my right leg back, I felt a popping sensation in the groin area and found that driving, standing, sitting, and climbing stairs were extremely painful. And seeing as I live on the third floor with no elevator… yeah.

BUT I’m better now, or at the very least, I’m on the mend. I still feel a bit of pain now as I’m sitting, so I’m not sure if it’s completely recovered, but I’m getting there. I may have to take it easy for a few more days, which doesn’t particularly thrill me. However, I’d rather work for many months on end than work sporadically and then have to lie down because I pushed myself for too long. But the wheels are turning and soon Fish and Cherries Productions will be pumping full steam ahead.

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