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Reel Snippet – Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a movie that just can’t be summed up into one word or genre. It’s science fiction. It’s a thriller. It’s a romance. It’s suspense. It’s a mystery. It’s a coming-of-age story. It’s uplifting. It’s horrifying. Mostly, though, it’s amazing.

In a way, I’ve always wanted to make a movie like this: a science fiction or fantasy that wasn’t bound by the hero’s journey. It’s somewhat the Blade Runner of our time, exploring the different themes of life and the rights of artificial intelligence. This movie takes place in our own time, though, growing off the technological advancements that we have already made and as such, the story seems much more imminent and possible. It’s also not afraid to ask the hard questions and show some rather graphic and necessary imagery. It wants the audience to think and ask questions and I don’t think any two people will come away from it with the same thoughts. The ending in particular will leave people confused as to whether it could be considered happy or not or even if anyone chose the correct path.

This is to movies what Bayonetta is to video games, combining elements from all across the board to make something beautiful. I haven’t seen a movie this smart since Inception and I’m honestly surprised that it was allowed a big screen release, given all it contained. I’m happy it did, though, and even happier that it’s doing so well at the box office. I can safely say that I don’t want to live in a universe where Ex Machina doesn’t succeed.

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