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Reel Snippet – Kung Fury

Kung Fury is one of the most over the top and enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a while. This may technically be cheating, given the nature of the film and its inception. However, just because the movie is crowd funded and about thirty minutes long, doesn’t make it any less of a movie. The whole thing is like one delicious caramel apple, only the apple is cinema and the caramel dipping is the cheesiness of the 80s. As such, the plot is nonsensical and extremely tongue-in-cheek, which I think adds to its charm. Describing any more would ruin some of the surprise, so go check it out. After all, it’s absolutely free on YouTube! No need to overspend on popcorn or 3-D glasses. Just sit back in your own home and enjoy this glorious Swedish masterpiece. Hey, it’s a foreign film too! You’ll get art house credibility!

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  1. Xileets said,

    I love how you did a YouTube movie. In fact, it would be freakin’ awesome if you continued to do these as well – Non-blockbuster, YouTube, netflix, whatever. Things people might not know about and otherwise not be interested or think about seeing. Great stuff!

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