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Reel Snippet – Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a rare type of summer blockbuster that not only delivers on visuals and action, but on story and characters as well. Admittedly, the story is very simple and straightforward, but the world they build around the story makes it feel a lot meatier. It could have been very easy for the movie not to take itself seriously and go into self-parody, but doing so would have robbed it of a lot of the heart that I think makes it work. That is not to say the movie does not have fun with itself sometimes; there’s an amusing bit involving the mecha’s fist and an office decoration, Charlie Day of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fame is part of a great comic relief duo that works really well off of each other, and Ron Perlman’s outfit is absolutely impossible to take seriously. The only problems I had with it were that I wished they had done more with some of the other Jaeger (the giant mecha the humans used to fight back) pilots and there was a bit at the end that could have either been a plot hole or an oversight on my part. That said, it is still a very strong action movie that had me invested all of the way through with one great thing going for it: the lead guy and girl do not become a romantic item! Doing so could have broken the movie and I am glad they avoided that. Mr. del Toro, take a bow.

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