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Reel Snippet – Sharknado

Sharknado was ridiculously bad in every way and I think that was the intention all along. Sci-Fi Channel original movies (I refuse to call it the “Syfy Channel”) have a notorious reputation for being terrible, as do movies made by The Asylum. But before Sharknado, neither of them produced anything that became such a huge cult phenomenon. I think what sets this apart is the fact that the makers knew how stupid the concept was and exploited the crap out of it. This whole movie feels like someone was recording what George W. Bush was saying in his sleep. “Zzzzzzz… Al Qaeda’s gonna attack L.A. by putting sharks in tornados… we need to BOMB those tornados, Dick… zzzzzzzz…” Everything about this film is just ridiculous. The CGI is laughable, the dialogue and plot are jokes, and the acting quality is divided into three camps: barely trying, bad, and Tara Reid. But I was laughing the whole time and, after seeing the panel for the sequel at Comic Con, I know that was their intention, so can it really be called a bad movie? For bad movie connoisseurs, I would say that it’s not as quotable as The Room, but it’s also not as painful as Birdemic: Shock and Terror. You could just fast-forward to the memorably bad scenes at the end, but it’s much better if you do a slow build.

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