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Reel Snippet – The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything is a very heartfelt movie about a serious subject: love and life with a truly crippling disease. I truly have to give props to Eddie Redmayne; I wasn’t a fan of him in Les Miserables, but here he is able to convey emotions very well, even when portraying Stephen Hawking in the disabled years of his life and working through very limited expressions. There are no villains, either. People make mistakes, but they’re very human mistakes. Without giving too much away, they’re the kind of mistakes that would make you question if you wouldn’t do the same in a similar situation.

With all that said, there is one part that makes me scratch my head a bit. Near the end, Steven Hawking (Spoiler alert: he doesn’t die in the movie for rather obvious reasons) has a momentary daydream where he gets up out of his chair, walks off his disability, and picks up a pen that someone dropped. I’m honestly baffled by what it’s supposed to mean. It’s possible that it was just him wishing that he could do the simple things like everybody else, but the scene was so overblown that I’m convinced that it had to mean something bigger. It’s a topic for discussion, at the very least. And that’s really what it all comes down to: showing that you don’t need Russell Crowe to make a movie about a beautiful mind.

And a few clever Doctor Who references don’t hurt either.

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