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Reel Snippets of 4-25-16

Hold on, some of you may be thinking. This movie came out two years ago. Why isn’t this coming out as a Reel Snippet Classic? Well, there are two reasons.

The first is that I just came back from an extremely fun but very exhausting weekend at BABSCon. I always look forward to April, not just because of my birthday (which is tomorrow, by the way), but because of this wonderful convention where I can meet plenty of awesome people, famous or not. After coming home, though, I was way too exhausted to drag myself to the theaters, especially when the biggest release seems to be The Huntsman: Winter’s War. So I decided to stay home and dig out this movie that I’ve been sitting on for a while.

Secondly… I absolutely refuse to dignify this movie by calling it a classic. Were it not for the sequel that came out this month, I would not give this movie the time of day. But we’re here now… so let’s dive right in.

God’s Not Dead

And make no mistake, be it next week or when it comes out on DVD… the sequel will face the trial of the Ronin.


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