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Reel Snippets – Waitress

Waitress can definitely be described as a good movie, but that doesn’t get across how uncomfortable the experience is. Throughout the movie, you’re taken on an emotional roller coaster of a woman dealing with a pregnancy from an abusive husband. You’re made to feel all of those emotions that she does and not all of those are pretty. One big plus for this feature is that all of the characters, especially the male ones, are three-dimensional. However, three-dimensional doesn’t necessarily mean they’re likable, especially in the case of the husband Earl, who has an incredibly disturbed psyche. However, the ending is incredibly sweet and will make all the bitterness before completely worth it and is satisfying to boot. If you have emotional triggers linked to abuse or adultery, approach this movie with caution. But if you do watch it, and most of you should, then have some pie on standby because this movie will definitely make you crave pie.

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