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Reel Snippet – Crimson Peek


Crimson Peak was a gothic horror in truest sense of the word, though perhaps a gothic romance would be more appropriate. Either way, everything in the cinematography and the story was a loving send-up to the old tales of Dickens and Poe, but still keeping its own identity. When you see it (and you SHOULD see it), pay special attention to the color palette; there are never deep hues in any of the dark colors, with the exception of black (though whether black falls on the color spectrum is up for debate). Visually, everything is highly stylized, with the camera angles allowing for a sweeping sense of grandeur or a tight intimacy on any of the characters. In addition, it’s a very unique horror film in today’s climate, as there isn’t an overreliance on jump scares. They’re there, to be sure, but the ghosts and horrors here are in full view.

There’s also a bit of a feminist streak to it, but it’s a bit different than the ones I’ve become used to. The main character’s certainly a free spirit and an original of her time, but she’s not blatantly opposed by a bunch of strawmen and stuff shirts. They’re all sort of their own characters with unique looks on life from one another. And yes, Tom Hiddleson is magnificent in this, showing people he can pull off a character that isn’t some form of Loki (though I imagine a lot of fangirls wish that Loki would act this way to them). But of course, the standout award goes to Guillermo Del Toro himself, who brings a very distinct look to his ghouls, specters, and environments. Like I said, you should definitely see this one, especially during the Halloween season. This is one that a lot of people are going to be writing essays on, so you’d better hop on the train and see it sooner than later.

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