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Reel Snippet – Love Actually


Love Actually is a rather charming yet very offbeat film. It has a nice message and the idea of creating a mosaic film around many different relationships and their storylines is one that other films have tried to copy, but I don’t see them doing it as well. My favorites are the ones focusing on Martin Freeman as a porn extra chatting with another extra during filming and Bill Nighy as a drunk, washed up rock star burdened with an absolutely abysmal Christmas cover. That’s another thing the film has going for it: the humor. Every joke was right on point and made me laugh out loud. And yet, despite this being a very feel-good movie, not every storyline ends happily. It’s a bold risk that gives this film a lasting impression. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out. It’s a great viewing on a date night or around the holidays.

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