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Reel Snippet – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was fun, if a little dumb and convoluted. The movie doesn’t exactly break new ground, but it has good laughs, good action scenes, and dynamic, charismatic characters. Yeah, even Tom Cruise. Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed that the main cast is such a sausage fest, but at least they worked off of each other well. A lot of scenarios got resolved in manners far too implausible to be credible (and anyone bringing up the title as a counter-argument will be punched) and the extent to which coincidence played into the success of their plans got a little tiring. But hey, it’s Mission Impossible, so it’s got enough action, intrigue, and rubber masks to keep me entertained. By my own admission, I haven’t seen Mission Impossible III or Ghost Protocol, but this movie was good enough that it got me interested in seeing them. If you’re down for a decent dick flick, I say check it out if you’ve got spare time.

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