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Reel Snippet – Oldboy (2003)


Oldboy was one disturbing movie, its horror matched only by its brilliance. Unfortunately, talking about what makes it brilliant and hard on the mind would dive right into spoiler territory, so for the moment, I’ll say that this movie shows the true ugliness of being obsessed with revenge. True, no real person would go through these lengths to get it (and the less I say about that, the better), but showing these extremes and the grotesque picture it paints illustrates how utterly hollow and self-destructive a path of vengeance turns out to be, especially over something the other didn’t even think about or remember. This movie is not for the faint of heart. Again, I won’t spoil the end, but trust me when I say that it makes all the paranoia and uncomfortableness the audience felt until then fell into place. It’s a masterpiece of the Korean film works, but man is it jacked up.

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