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Reel Snippet – Our Brand Is Crisis


Our Brand Is Crisis is definitely a good movie, no doubt about that. I feel like it would appeal to more politically-minded people, but I also think that people outside the political know-how should see this movie too. Both are for the same reason: this movie is a very accurate look at how the making and breaking one’s political image works. You get a good look at the conniving way people play the polls game and make a person’s career off of one set of buzzwords. You also get a heavy dose of reality at the end with a shockingly brutal swerve of events. But despite the sobering finale, there’s an energy and enthusiasm to the rest of it that’s really hard not to be infected by. On top of that, the acting is great, as to be expected from a few Academy Award Winners and some great side talents that deserve more recognition in the future. This is definitely a movie that I think is going to become quite important in the next politically charged year, so pop on over and get some high quality education on the matter.

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