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Reel Snippet – ParaNorman


ParaNorman is a very unique kind of animated movie that has just as much for adults as it does for kids. In fact, I would say that it’s extremely important for people of all ages to watch this movie. Not only is it full of quality animation and writing, but the message about not fearing people who are different or judging based on preconceptions is important and delivered in the most poignant way I’ve seen in a child-friendly setting. In fact, it gets subtler than just being the moral throughout the story. Look closely at the characters the next time you watch and you’ll notice that all of them are off-model or look a bit odd except for Norman and the witch, the two most internally odd characters in the movie.

There’s a healthy balance of comedy and drama, both quite morbid considering that it’s a Halloween film. On top of that, Laika seems to have this talent of taking well-known actors and making them sound completely unrecognizable. I wouldn’t have guessed that Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick, or John Goodman had done some of the voices if I hadn’t looked at the credits. The finale is jaw-dropping, pulling off some impressive visual effects given their use of stop motion. Not only does it look amazing, it’s also unique. I really regret missing this on the big screen, but I’m not going to make that mistake again. Laika is making another movie coming out August 2016 and I’m definitely going to be there. Between this, Coraline, and The Box Trolls, I can safely say that we’re in good hands for original and impressive animation.

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