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Reel Snippet – Rain Man


Rain Man is quite a sad movie and hit pretty close to home, considering my own history with autism. That said, I think it may turn a lot of today’s audience off with its slow pacing and occasional stretches without background music. Said music was actually very interesting, drawing off of African or possibly Native American instrumentation, maybe harkening to rain dances as an homage to the title. Dustin Hoffman, of course, earned his Oscar in this movie and gave a very realistic performance of a man with autism, even if he doesn’t seem as high-functioning as the film proclaims. All the scenes flowed together wonderfully, showing the growing connection between two estranged brothers coming together, all with one exception; there was one scene in an elevator that seemed like it was leading up to some kind of conflict, but didn’t really go anywhere. This film has found its way into the classics for good reason and if you haven’t already, you should check it out.

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