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Reel Snippet – Spectre


Spectre is not Skyfall, but not bad either. It’s standard fair for most of the good quality Bond films, with awesome action scenes, witticisms, gadgets, and yes, even beautiful women. It’s kind of the perfect movie to turn your brain off and watch… except this film wants you to think a lot. There are many moving pieces and names that you have to keep track of, as well as a really complicated B-plot that ties into a convoluted plan by the main villain. Kind of weird to have such a complicated plot juxtaposed against action where James is saved from falling by a net that has no reason to be there or one of the baddies falling to his death because broken glass rained on him. Still, the stuff that’s good really is good, so if you’re a fan and dying to see the return of SPECTRE, check it out.

One final criticism, Sam Smith made a decent Bond song, but he ain’t no Adele.

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