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Reel Snippet – The Visit


The Visit, against all odds, was not just good, it was great. I never thought it would be possible for me to praise a Shyamalan movie for the rest of my life, but this somehow struck gold. The atmosphere was genuinely unnerving, the scares were both disturbing and terrifying, and I was constantly on my guard because I didn’t know what would happen next. But there was more to it than that; there was heart, laughs, themes of forgiveness, and enough of its own identity, not just end on the money shot scare like most horror movies do.

Oh yeah, and there’s the twist. Yeah, I know, a twist in an M. Night Shyamalan film, how original. But it’s worth bringing up because of how masterfully it’s executed. Most everyone expects Shyamalan to go in certain directions with his twists, but the twist blindsides us by going in a different direction altogether. The misdirection is so amazing that I almost think that the man has achieved some kind of self-awareness. Then again, he still doesn’t understand why The Last Airbender was horrible, so I’ll take that with a grain of salt. I told myself going in that if the movie was even okay, I should take that as a miracle. I have no idea what I should call it seeing as it’s actually good. I’m not sure if this is Shyamalan’s talent revival or if it’s just a fluke, but either way, I’ll take it and I suggest that any and all horror fans do the same.

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