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Reel Snippet – Trainwreck


Trainwreck was incredibly funny, but I was surprised by how real and raw it was. Admittedly, it felt like it took a bit to find the plot, but once it got going, man, it was one hell of a ride. This movie relishes making you uncomfortable, as it should; a lot of the topics from death to how bad patterns can instill a self-destructive mindset shouldn’t be treated as if a sitcom’s laughtrack is supposed to play under them. The laughs that they do get are definitely of the darker variety. None of it feels forced, either, not even when the movie finds its way to those romantic comedy staples. It all comes off as natural and the types of intimate talks and fights that people actually have.

The script was written by Amy Schumer herself and this could have very well come off as a Mary Sue self-insert fanficition, right down to naming her character Amy. But instead of turning herself into some perfect paragon who’s awesome at everything, she writes a flawed human being who is still sympathetic even through the bad decisions she’s made. This very well could be her way of working out some of her own issues and it comes out beautifully. Bill Hader also plays a lovable dork of a doctor who falls for Amy and is quite the likable character. But for me, the standout has to be Lebron James, who turns in some of the most hilarious deadpan humor of the movie. Something about the world’s most famous basketball player grilling Hader’s character for not visiting in Cleveland and trying to get him to pay for lunch just had me in stitches.

This being a Judd Apatow film, there are of course a good share of raunchy jokes. Not all of them are laugh-out-loud funny, but the ones that are bust your gut wide open. It certainly helps that all of the actors had good chemistry and can work off of each other really well. Yet underneath all of this is an astounding amount of heart that makes you feel like you came away with something at the end of it all. I’d gladly see it again and would encourage you all to do the same.

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