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Schedule Update

Routine. A lot of people see it as a restriction, but it’s actually your best friend. Routine gives you deadlines, meaning that you don’t have an excuse to put off any endeavors and stuff gets done. That should be the ultimate goal of a creator next to artistic integrity: completed projects. But there’s another benefit, especially when you’re in my line of work. Routine means that things come out on a schedule, which means that people will come by a website on a regular basis to see new posts. That’s what I’m going for and that’s why we have our new schedule.

Reel Snippets – Every Monday

It’s fitting that my most common post comes out weekly now. Since Friday is when new movies come out and my editing process takes about a day, that gives me a nice weekend turnaround to get a Snippet (or a few) ready for Monday. That way, you guys can know my opinion on the movie after the first weekend. Some people would argue that things would be better if I put these out every Friday. Well, truth be told, I don’t have the resources to get so much out on Friday (since I plan on multiple reviews coming out on occasion) or access to early screenings. But I’m trying to make up for it by getting them out as early in the workweek as possible.

Ronin Reads – The Last Thursday of Every Month

If I could get most than one of these out in a month, I would. But I put a lot more analysis in the Ronin Reads and reading an entire novel or comic volume is pretty time consuming. It feels like a nice closer for the month to me.

Musings – Unknown

Musings are tricky for me to schedule because they aren’t like my other works. I never know what’s going to inspire me to write one of these and I don’t want to wind up writing one that says absolutely nothing, like I’ve seen a lot of other online personalities do. I’ll leave these open to change for now, but check back for an update after I post the latest one next week.

Podcasts – Sunday… maybe

Okay, I’ll admit it, we’re really slow in editing the podcasts and have two in the backlog that we recorded before the E3 one. We’d love to get into a system where we record it, edit it in one day, and post it, but we’re not there yet. Also, the podcasts haven’t been catching as much fire as I would have hoped, but persistence might be the key.

That’s all for the schedule. In the future, there will of course be updates as things change, but for the moment we’ll see how the works Thanks for bearing with me and I’ll see you next time.

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