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Sending Off a Friend

Greetings, everyone.

Four months ago, I lost one of my best friends, Robert, to a tragic suicide. His physical health and mental exhaustion from numerous illnesses and medications had deteriorated his quality of life so badly that he could no longer stand living. It was crushing that one of the best people who ever walked the planet had to leave so soon.

There was no official service for him, so I never actually got any form of closure. I’d been thinking on it for a while and come to the conclusion that the best way to do it was through the bonding that we shared many times: gaming. This Saturday, August 24th, at noon Pacific Time, I’m going to be streaming a play through of the Bioshock series, the game that literally brought him and I together. It would mean a lot to me if you all could join me. I’ll post the link to my stream closer to the date and then maybe I’ll finally be able to lay him to rest in my mind.

Then again, Robert, I hope you always visit me when I game.

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