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Weekly Update of 12-2-15

Guess turkey coma and travel knocked me out harder than I thought. Regardless, I’m back and ready for action. Numerous Classic Snippets will come out tomorrow, a lot more Reel Snippets will hit the shelves on Monday, and come next week, I intend to finish off my Expanded Universe retrospective.

As for the Ronin Reads… well, I’m sorry to say that for the first Thursday since I committed to this, I am unprepared. So until further notice, I’ll lump my planned November release into this December’s reading. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll release both of the reviews I was planning to do for Women’s History Month, seeing how relevant they are to the subject.

That’s all for Wednesday’s update. I’ll see you all tomorrow. And maybe finally get around to seeing Spectre…


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Classic Snippets and Ronin Reads of 10-29-15

Remember last year when I reviewed The Boxtrolls and said I’d get to ParaNorman the next week? Haha… yeah, apparently deadlines like that are lofty ambitions for me.


And let’s not forget that it’s the last Thursday of the month. So for today’s Ronin Reads, let’s take a look at a Star Wars book that spun off from a recent TV series. A spin-off of a spin-off, if you will.

Star Wars: Dark Disciple



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Weekly Update of 10-7-15

Well, this is a big deal. Remember my day one review of The Aeronaut’s Windlass? Well, I sent that to Jim Butcher and his peeps and they loved it! So much so, that I’m officially on the list to get more review copies from Jim Butcher! So check back for more day one looks at your upcoming Dresden Files, Cinder Spires, and Codex Alera… wait, that series already concluded. All right, anything new that comes out of his brilliant mind. This is a huge step forward for myself and Fish and Cherries as a whole, so as you can imagine I’m super excited. Hope to share more of this with you soon!

And to end this, a photo of me with the man himself.


Yes, I gained weight. I’m working on that.

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Ronin Reads – The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass

Here it is, folks. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Gander upon the release day review of Jim Butcher’s newest opus, The Cinder Spires!

The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass


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Six Days Left…


Keep watching the skies this coming Tuesday.

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Ronin Reads of 8-27-15

Oh yeah! It’s the last Thursday of the month! That means we get a new Ronin Reads! Since the new Star Wars movie is fast approaching, let’s cover the first entry into its new expanded universe tying into one of my favorite things on TV right now, Star Wars: Rebels. Enjoy.

Star Wars: A New Dawn


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Ronin Reads Comic Con Triple Feature

We announced it. We teased it. We delayed it a day. But finally, our triple feature of off-the-beaten-track comics and graphic novels are here! Here are the people trying to promote themselves from the ground up and we’re going to help them do it. Journey into worlds of magic, mystery, heartbreak, and more as we give you the last remnants of this year’s Comic Con!

Gates of Midnight (issues 1-4)
Legend of the Mantamaji (book 1)

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Ronin Reads Delayed

There was some hospital drama that needed to be dealt with post-haste today, so the reviews may be delayed by a day or two. Sorry for the inconvinience. I can’t go into a lot of details, but just know that no one is hurt.

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Comic Con Aftermath

Yeah, I know I said I’d post this yesterday, but travel and sickness were rougher than I thought.

San Diego Comic Con ’15 may be over and done with, but we at Fish and Cherries are celebrating it until the end of the month. Find out how in the full post.

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Schedule Update

Routine. A lot of people see it as a restriction, but it’s actually your best friend. Routine gives you deadlines, meaning that you don’t have an excuse to put off any endeavors and stuff gets done. That should be the ultimate goal of a creator next to artistic integrity: completed projects. But there’s another benefit, especially when you’re in my line of work. Routine means that things come out on a schedule, which means that people will come by a website on a regular basis to see new posts. That’s what I’m going for and that’s why we have our new schedule.

Reel Snippets – Every Monday

It’s fitting that my most common post comes out weekly now. Since Friday is when new movies come out and my editing process takes about a day, that gives me a nice weekend turnaround to get a Snippet (or a few) ready for Monday. That way, you guys can know my opinion on the movie after the first weekend. Some people would argue that things would be better if I put these out every Friday. Well, truth be told, I don’t have the resources to get so much out on Friday (since I plan on multiple reviews coming out on occasion) or access to early screenings. But I’m trying to make up for it by getting them out as early in the workweek as possible.

Ronin Reads – The Last Thursday of Every Month

If I could get most than one of these out in a month, I would. But I put a lot more analysis in the Ronin Reads and reading an entire novel or comic volume is pretty time consuming. It feels like a nice closer for the month to me.

Musings – Unknown

Musings are tricky for me to schedule because they aren’t like my other works. I never know what’s going to inspire me to write one of these and I don’t want to wind up writing one that says absolutely nothing, like I’ve seen a lot of other online personalities do. I’ll leave these open to change for now, but check back for an update after I post the latest one next week.

Podcasts – Sunday… maybe

Okay, I’ll admit it, we’re really slow in editing the podcasts and have two in the backlog that we recorded before the E3 one. We’d love to get into a system where we record it, edit it in one day, and post it, but we’re not there yet. Also, the podcasts haven’t been catching as much fire as I would have hoped, but persistence might be the key.

That’s all for the schedule. In the future, there will of course be updates as things change, but for the moment we’ll see how the works Thanks for bearing with me and I’ll see you next time.

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