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Weekly Update of 12-9-15

All right, let’s talk turkey. There are some HUGE things in the geek world happening right now.

Did you ever see An American Tale? How about The Land Before Time? All Dogs Go To Heaven? Anastasia? The Secret of NIMH? Titan A.E.? Congratulations, your life has been touched by animation legend Don Bluth. Now it’s time to pay back the favor. Right now, Bluth has taken to Indiegogo to crowdfund his latest project: a big screen adaptation of his video game from the 80s, Dragon’s Lair! And it’s all hand-drawn animation! If you like his work and want to support him in his endeavor, follow this link and help bring one of the most godlike animators back into the public eye.


What’s that? Not enough of a dream come true? How about the crowdfunding campaign to help make Psychonauts 2?! Oh yeah, I bet you never thought you’d get a sequel, but it’s happening. If you haven’t heard of Psychonauts, it’s a game made by Tim Schaffer and his company Double Fine Productions that was unique, innovative, and fun. If you can find it on Steam, X-Box LIVE, or the Playstation Network, I highly recommend it. And once you’re done playing it, follow this link and help make the sequel it deserved a reality.


Well, that’s enough joy for me today, because I need to tackle a movie for tomorrow. A bad movie. One that’s practically drowning in bad press, making it a shame not to take on for my year end list. And who better to bring me this awful experience… than Adam Sandler?


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