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What The Actual Farkle

Actual quote from the article:

“[Ray] Fisher had also recently been up for the young male lead in Star Wars: Episode VII. His casting in Batman vs. Superman would appear to have put the kibosh on that.”

I… I have no words.

I don’t know all the details and he could have been eliminated, but if you weren’t… I mean, God. You turned down a role in Star Wars to be in the sequel to one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

I mean… JESUS!!!!



I just… I don’t understand people sometimes. I hope for this guy’s sake that Batman vs. Superman actually turns out to be good, because otherwise that’ll just be the worst career move ever. Then again, Zach Snyder’s back at the helm and he outright accused people who didn’t like Man of Steel to be “clinging to the Richard Donner version” rather than his “realistic version…” Yeah, my hopes aren’t high. Also, Zach Snyder is directing the Justice League movie in 2018, so I get to watch all my heroes get butchered before my eyes.

To paraphrase The Spill, “We need to kidnap Zach Snyder, shove him in a trunk, and drop him off in Mexico and our problems will be solved.” Let’s pray for a miracle, people.

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