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What’s On My Mind on 2-3-16

So yeah, you probably noticed that I’ve been missing a lot of deadlines concerning the Classic Snippets. Part of it is the issues that I’ve been going through, but there’s actually another reason.

Recently, I’ve accrued some employment that focuses on getting my writing picked up on other websites. While this is great for advancing my career as a writer, it comes at a price, mainly that I won’t be able to devote as much time to Fish and Cherries during work time. As such, the stuff that isn’t a current Reel Snippet, a collection of Scribbles, or the On My Minds that you’re reading right now get bumped down the priority list and I have to work on them in my off time.

As such, I’m going to have to say that the posting of Classic Snippets are going to be more sporadic. I may try to get a more consistent schedule like weekly or every other week, but for the moment, it’ll be more random for whenever I get time for it. Keep in mind, I not only have to watch the movie, but write a synopsis, review, and search for a cool fact to end it with. And that’s before I send it in for edits. Not exactly the easiest job on your own time. I’ll do my best to keep it mostly frequent, but if a Thursday is update-free on my website, you’ll know why.

Now as for why I’ve been missing deadlines for Scribbles, that’s all personal issues and I’m trying to rectify that. I’m also trying to find time for the Best of 2015 list, which I might be able to do on my trip to see family in New York. I’m trying my best to hold things together in the new year and I want to thank everyone for being patient with me.


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