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What’s On My Mind on 4-20-16

What’s on my mind this week? Ohhhhhhhhhh… a LOT!

First of the two big announcements. My Zootopia Reel Snippet got republished on Culture Sonar! That’s right, my signal is spreading wider and I owe it to all of you (though my dad gets special mention for reaching out). Click here, read it again, and give these folks some traffic.

Next… drum roll please… I’ve taken to Indiegogo to help fund a children’s book that I wrote! And it made its goal in two days!

Let me back up and explain. For the past year, my friend and I have been collaborating on a children’s book called The Fire Truck Who Got Lost. I wrote the story and my friend did the artwork. We finally got it to a good place and we’re ready to work on production and distribution. Since both of us are kinda broke, though, we decided to take to crowdfunding — the modern American way of business.

We set a modest goal of $2000 — just enough to get layout done and print a few copies — but lo and behold, we got so much support that we made it on the second day of our 45-day campaign. We were positively gobstruck, but now we’re coming back swinging with a stretch goal. We’re hoping that donors will help us get past $4,000 so we can donate some copies to children’s libraries or possibly the kid’s section of my hometown’s local fire truck museum.

If you have some free time, please follow this link to the Indiegogo page. It would be really great if my fans could donate even a little bit so we can spread this book farther and farther. If you can’t donate, that’s okay. You can play a part by sending it around to friends and families, particularly those that have toddlers, and get the word out.

This has been a really big couple of weeks. Everything’s coming up Colin! Here’s hoping for even more good news.


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