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What’s On My Mind on 5-11-16

It’s amazing how easy it is to get jaded and forget how great things can be.

As you guys may have noticed, I’ve had a bit of a bad run with the cimenas lately. Watching both God’s Not Dead movies two weeks back-to-back was an absolutely brutal experience that left me drained and practically dead inside. Granted, I’d seen some good movies in the weeks prior, but coming off the heels of Batman v. Superman, which stripped two icons of every bit of morality and likability just for a slugfest, tainted the memories quite a bit.

But then I saw Captain America: Civil War and suddenly, it was like I’d seen the sun for the first time. Emotions other than disgust and disappointment fired off within me as I was finally able to love something again without having to justify or make excuses. It was a great feeling, to say the least.

Funnily enough, something just like that happened last night. In my downtime, I went to reading the New 52 Batman crossover event named Death of the Family, which my friend had leant me. I made it to the middle of chapter three before I had to put the book down, unable to bear the unpleasantness, choppy writing, and defamation of characters that I loved. But immediately after, I picked up my then unread copy of Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One: Volume One and my disgust melted away as I read a reimagining of a character with some actual effort and imagination behind it. That book reminded me of why I used to love DC and what they originally stood for: larger than life heroes that stand as gods we aspire to be like.

So if you’re ever feeling beaten down or disgusted with the world around you, keep pushing forward. Another shining moment could be just around the corner.


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